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Learn how to heal with EarthWalk. Your journey begins today!

Workshop Offerings: Services

Reiki Workshops

Become a reiki practitioner today!

Workshops offered for

Reiki I, II & III (Master) levels.

Reiki is the expression of the divine love and transference of universal life force and everyone can learn it easily through reiki workshops. In the workshops you receive a sacred initiation called an “attunement”. Attunements create the space for you to become a ‘hollow bone’ for reiki energy to flow through. After your first class you will be a reiki practitioner

 for life. 

Whether you are called to the healing path as a Reiki practitioner, want to channel reiki for yourself, or provide reiki healing to your family, friends and pets Reiki workshops are a powerful and fun ways to develop skills, techniques and confidence.  

Shamanic Studies Workshops

Find your guides to help navigate your highest and best life!
Introductory & Advanced Workshops available.

The Shamanism initial workshop will give you the fundamental tools to access the wisdom of your guides, heal and connect more deeply with your heart. You will learn about this 100,000 year old practice, connect with earth energy and learn how to journey to meet your guides to access their wisdom.

Advanced workshops for continuing students offer deeper training including journeying for others, illumination, extraction and soul retrieval. 


Medicine for the Earth & Healing with Spiritual Light Workshops

Learn to be a healer for yourself and the planet!

Based on the teachings of the acclaimed teacher and author, Sandra Ingerman, the Medicine for the Earth and Healing with Spiritual Light workshops are offered for transformational healing. They will guide you in learning how to create sacred space, reconnect with nature and transform your toxic thoughts in order to change yourself and the world. 

The Medicine for the Earth workshop teaches you alternative ways to reverse environmental pollution. You will learn forgotten techniques to change yourself and the environment through creative visualizations, ceremonies, rituals, and chants derived from ancient healing practices that produce miraculous, scientifically proven results. 

Healing with Spiritual Light workshop is the second workshop in the series. You will deepen your practice, learn more techniques to change yourself and the planet and attune to the factors impacting our environment. You will step into your own radiance and learn to be the light and see the light in others. 

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