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Meet Sandy your EarthWalk Healer

Reiki Master & Shamanic Healer

Sandy has a loving and grounding energy that creates space, freedom and safety for all her clients. She believes in the power of personal healing to heal the planet. She is passionate about helping people live happier, more peaceful lives. 

Sandy is both a Reiki Master and Shamanic healer. She is certified in Usui Reiki levels 1, 2 and 3 (Master), as well as Karuna, Lightarian, Metatronia, and Medical Reiki. Her training in shamanism includes spirit journeying, illuminations, extractions, soul retrieval, medicine for the earth and other modalities. She has studied with Sandra Ingerman and Anna Dorian and is certified in shamanic healing techniques and teaching. She has been studying, practicing, and teaching since 2011. Sandy lives the San Francisco Bay Area.

Sandy is a powerful teacher and healer. Her career as a nurse connects her deeply with helping alleviate human suffering. She believes in the power of acceptance, compassion and forgiveness to heal. Her lightness will uplift you and bring you immediate joy and calm. She loves live music, traveling, adventure, and her reiki and shamanic practice.... and cats. 

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