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Shamanic Healing

Ancient Power to Transform

Traditional shamanic healing has been used for over 100,000 years in every culture in the world. Its power is profoundly healing and life changing. Through Shamanic healing sessions either in person or remotely EarthWalk is able to communicate with a person’s guides to retrieve important information about the next steps to manifestation or healing. Techniques include:

  • Journeying - on behalf of a person to help answer a question and gain clarity

  • Illumination – helping person find an answer and highest and best path to decision making

  • Extraction - removing stuck energy or blockages

  • Soul retrieval - bring back lost parts or essences of ourselves that were separated during some previous event or unpleasant experience  

Some benefits of EarthWalk Shamanic Healing: Helping a person at a cross roads find their highest and best path forward * Clarifying decision making * Clearing from past life experiences including trauma/abuses * Healing from illness by enabling the body to be receptive to healing energies * Creation of ceremonies to honor life events and to invite in manifestation * Honoring the earth and your connection to the whole

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