Oct - Dec 2020



Grounding, Guides, & Gratitude: The Path of the Shaman

A 3 month exploration of the fundamentals of shamanic practice. We will meet once a month on zoom from Oct-Dec 2020.

Grounding, Guides, & Gratitude: The Path of the Shaman

Time & Location

Oct - Dec 2020


About the Event

In this exciting 3 month program you will deepen your journeying experience. As we enter the holiday season it is a time to deepen our relationships, honor the transition into winter and celebrate the gifts of the season. In this program you will meet new guides, connect with earth energy, and other entities for your healing and information. Meeting once a month for 3 hours, you will learn to: 

* Access your inner wisdom

* Create Sacred Space

* Be more present and grounded

* Deepen your relationship to your guides

* Work with stones and crystals

* Build your own sacred altars

* Design personal & family ceremonies

* Honor the earth with ritual and ceremony 

Come join in this wonderful adventure of healing. Please RSVP to be in touch with Sandy for more information. 

Event dates are: Oct 25, 2020 | Nov 15, 2020 | Dec 13, 2020 

Reciprocity: $297

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